Cryptography source code - website lauched

February 20, 2014 starts after completing an effort of full in-house implementation of secure communication application.

The main problem was actually the lack of complete and correct information on the proper implementation of more advanced subjects, like the mathematics of big numbers. At one point we ended up comparing academic papers on cryptography dated as far back as 1994 (no search in these pdf-s, these are scans) to find out the correct descriptions of different algorithms.

Note! If you have a book, check the "errata and omissions" section - you can save a lot of implementation time. Here is a link to the "Errata" section of the "Handbook of applied cryptography" - be sure to check it if you are implementing the Binary Extended GCD algorithm or Montgomery Multiplication. (Actually, a much better source on Montgomery Multiplication/Reduction might be the papers of Prof. Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç.)

We'll publish the complete works, including all implemented algorithms, including symmetric and asymmetric encryption and decryption, big integer (big-num, high radix) multiple precision library, random number generators, etc. Wherever possible, test vectors and other test/proof materials will be provided.

The code will be provided in C/C++ and Pascal (as far back as good for Delphi 7 compilation). For both C and Pascal implementations a Windows based test application will be provided.

We're a Bulgarian software division, owned by a financial consultancy company, doing contract software development and consultancy since year 2000.

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